is a Los Angeles DJ and production collective, specializing in all-vinyl sets and unique special events. Over the past decade, our DJs have shared stages with some of the biggest names in music, including: Rick Ross, Travis Scott, Cam’Ron, and Jadakiss.



Our Philosophy

for weddings is simple: follow the lead of the two-year-olds.

If it is ever unclear how to have a good time at a wedding, there is typically a raucous crew of anywhere from three to five toddlers who will happily lead you step-by-step through the process of getting turnt.

Step 1) Hit the bottles early, sometimes mid-ceremony.

Step 2) Skip the food at the reception and beeline straight to the dancefloor.

And last, dance until your heart is full, your body is tired, and your clothes cannot be found.

Let’s Get Married… … … Here.



Getting married on Everest? We want to be there! Shoot us a message to discuss Himalayan pack animal rates.

We often get asked if we can accomodate shows outside of California. To which we typically respond, “Hell yeah!” We have complete DJ setups in Boston and LA, which makes travel on both coasts a synch.  For international events and destination weddings, we usually work with a local company to source the necessary equipment. We are frequently on the road, so make sure to reach out! We very well could be in your neck of the woods.



“Dude’s in a Patagonia, but he’s fire..”
- Travis S.

“Best. Wedding. Ever. That’s what people are saying..”
- Jacob M.

“I danced so hard I got a double-leg cramp and couldn’t stand up.”
- Gordon L.


Our Setup

Our thing is music, but we know you put a lot of time into making your space look legit. We’re right there with you. We know that our visual aesthetic is just as important as the music we play.  From our custom, birchwood PA speakers to our elegant, black vinyl turntables, each and every aspect of our setup is carefully designed to offer something understated, refined, and unique.