That song you danced to
together for the first time
and the one that always
reminds you fo him,
though you aren’t quite sure why.
The beat you know
she’ll dance to, every time,
and the melody that was playing
when you first realized
that you wanted to spend
the rest of your lives together…


These are the songs we curate
into the soundtrack of
your most special day.

We arrange the music for each
moment of your wedding
from cocktail hour, to the first dance,
to the party that ensues.

Our role is to help guide
the energy of the evening
beginning with sophistocation
and elegance, moving into
the seminmental, and closing with
your bridal party swimming in the
pool in their eveningwear
chanting ‘one. more. song.’
It’s the art of social engineering
through music, and it’s our
favorite thing in the world.



Do you travel?

Getting married on Everest? We want to be there! Shoot us a message to discuss Himalayan pack animal rates.

We have complete DJ setups in Boston and LA, which makes travel on both coasts a synch.  For international events and destination weddings, we usually work with a local company to source the necessary equipment.

When should I reach out?

Weekends typically book anywhere from 9 to 18-months in advance.  So if you have a date and a venue nailed down, then shoot us a message for more info.

Can you provide music for our ceremony?

Yes.  We can flawlessly take care of the music for your ceremony.

Are you MC's? Can you make announcements?

We are happy to MC your event as needed.

How much does it cost?

Performance rates start at $2k.

What equipment is included?

Our standard event setup includes two Technic 1200 vinyl turntables, Rane 72 mixer, wireless mic, and custom birchwood PA speakers.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Book us for the rehearsal dinner or afterparty at 50 percent off our normal performance rates.