The QDJ Recipe For A Rad Dance Party at Your Wedding

  1. Prioritize Music
    Will your guests remember the steak? Maybe. Will they remember the flowers? Perhaps. Will they remember the dance party and how much fun they had? Definitely. We're completely biased, but nothing has a bigger impact on how people experience your wedding than the entertainment.

  2. Hand Out Pre-Ceremony Cocktails
    Nothing says, "Thanks for coming, time to forget about that cross-country flight" like a stiff, cold summer cocktail. Takes the edge off meeting new people and enhances the emotional buzz.

  3. Don't Seat Grandma Next to the PA Speakers
    She won't be able to “hear a damn thing.” Seating charts matter.

  4. Play Dance Music the Whole Time
    Sure, you want chill dance music during dinner and cocktail hour, but people should still be vibing to the music. The goal is to make people feel like they want to dance long before it's socially acceptable to do so.

  5. Let My People Go
    Get the formalities (first dance, parent dances, toasts, etc.) out of the way early so people know they can let loose.

  6. Pictures First
    Take pictures while you still look like you haven't just run a marathon.

  7. Dim the Lights
    Inhibitions be gone.

  8. Keep the Fire Contained
    Things like photo-booths, drinks, and cake should be positioned near the dance floor. Take group pictures on the dance floor.

  9. Prep the Wedding Party
    "When this song comes on, you dance." Take advantage of the fact that it's your wedding day, and everyone will do what you say.

  10. The Last Dance
    Everyone picks the perfect first dance song. But the best dance is the last one, when you and your fellow warriors have triumphed over the dance floor and you come together one last time for the perfect send off.

    Extra Pro-Tip
    Many photographers will clock off shortly after the first dance unless you request otherwise. Make sure you book your photographer to shoot well into the dancing portion of the night. These pictures are often the most fun, expressive, and memorable.



Timothy Randall